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Thinking In Prison Thinking In Prison

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

i wouldnt

really call this techno at all...its not...its more DnB >.> yeah....but the song...well its quite boring dont you think? i dont know but i think its pretty boring really....not to say techno isnt sometimes boring...but it just needs alot more in it, sorry bro

peace easy

Xarosas responds:

Not a ppositive review but not too negative either
Thx for the review
I didnt really know what genre to make it so I sed techno
Again thx


Top_Op Top_Op

Rated 2 / 5 stars


this is basicly the same melodic sequence over and over..and over...AND over again for 2 minutes and was pretty boring...sorry..but it has to be said...thats really everything...just the melody....

sorry man...

peace easy

Dota - Dj VoVo Ft. TheDDJ Dota - Dj VoVo Ft. TheDDJ

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

What up Dudes...

Tell DDJ to check my new sheet out >.< havnt seen a comment from him for awhile :3....anyways...nice remix...its pretty sweet...i like the begining...i thought it was gonna be some hardcore club style dota remix xD and then i heard the end...and i was like... :o no melody in there xD...but was pretty sweet anyways....u should try making this song into a serious hardcore club remix lol

anyways the things i actually dont really like was theres precussion...cept a kick...which kinda took away from a little of it...second...where the melody was ther was alot of distortion in it...just to tell u...

what i liked was alot actually...i loved the intro..that was pretty awsome lol...i really liked the synth you used for the melody...that was pro to the max..

but all in all..nice work...u get a 9 for origionality :P

peace easy bro

Samurai With A Joint Samurai With A Joint

Rated 3 / 5 stars


i saw the name of this song and instantly clicked on had 2 of my fav things! Samurais and joints :3...but the song was a let down though...yeah the song was just for fun but it still wasnt very would be great if there was lyrics...but how would U portray a samurai with a joint? xD...but hey...update me...i wanna hear this when its finished

shadeo044 responds:

ok man ill do some more work on it just for you <3

just a test track (not complet just a test track (not complet

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i hope u finish this xD

this was pretty awsome actually...i liked twas a little quiet though...and repetitive...but ofcourse i read ur comments theres something to think about....making it just a tad less repetitive...:P

anyways Keep that hobby going!

peace easy

hellie responds:

im already working on it it was just a test and it's already way difrentt but ill guess you'll hear it if it's completed
anyway thanks for the kind words

Distorted reality Remix :D Distorted reality Remix :D

Rated 2 / 5 stars

ok i have

to say that...this entire song is completely out of tune...completely...maybe not the melo cuz i dunno...but the bassline is completely out of sync...its yeah...sorry cuz it kinda hurt a little bit :S..u need to fix a few things in this song...

2) ur melo cuz im pretty sure thats out of tune aswell
3) ur precussion and kick could use some work aswell

all in all...nice try...but out of tune...

peace easy

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ChippidyDooDaa responds:

Thanks for the criticism coz its helps me alot :D
plus i made this quick so thats why its a bit crap but anyway
thanks :D

Basshunter Basshunter

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

lol uhm

its kinda raw isnt it?...u havnt mastered any of it...the bass kick is quite hardcore for a song like this lol...but all in all..nice try though...but i'd say go and try different things..but hey...aleast its not a 0 xD

anyways peace easy

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Frost [ST] Frost [ST]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

well 1

i dont really get anything out of this song really...its just alot of chaos...i dunno what u would be going for...hardcore? im if its that then nice job...but im really kinda undecided about this not even sure what to comment on...cuz this song changed like 2 or 3 times yeah...anyways...

peace easy

--=&amp;lt;Cheslea Grin&amp;gt;=-- --=<Cheslea Grin>=--

Rated 5 / 5 stars


this is definatly DnB...without a doubt this should go into the DnB catagory...and now for the song...

this is an awsome song...i like it...the begining kinda made it feel like it was going to be a slow something sad or something to that effect and then the Breakbeat came out and i was like...WoT???? awsomeness! xD...nice job dude

peace easy bro

Perfect Score

MegaWalrus MegaWalrus

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


are u serious?...this has nothing at all...its really nothing that people can actually listen to...if there was alot more would be great...but theres nothing...its an empty shell of a song...and even that isnt very good either..try some precussion...or atleast some mastering..i dunno i just think...well u know what i think...sorry man...this is a fail...

peace easy

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CommanderWalrus responds:

Yep. Sorry.